Emergency Plumbers in Overbook – 15227


Hello Overbrook neighbors, are you tired of clogged pipes, gas line leaks, worn-out faucets, water heater issues, leaky water hoses with your outdoor and indoor faucets? We are always available 24/7/265 for all your plumbing emergencies in Overbrook, with no emergency fees. 

Calling all Overbrook residents, don’t ever let your plumbing nightmares ruin your day again! If you are sick and tired of overflowing toilets, a sink that drips every 2 seconds, and frozen pipes, make sure to give your trusted Overbrook plumber a call, and we will be right over! 

Did you know that, in most cases, neglecting to address issues with ten days or less could not only wreak more havoc in your home but also make you open to city and county fines in Pittsburgh, PA? Many times a problem starts small but will quickly escalate into a costly nightmare if you don’t stop the problem at the source.

If you are in charge of remodeling projects, or are brand new homeowners, make sure to get the job done right! Let us help you save time and money by doing it right the first time and skip the cheap plumbing services and DIY projects that will end up costing you more in the long run!

At Veteran, we are a team of experts committed to providing our fellow neighbors in Overbrook, PA, some peace of mind by getting the job done right the first time. 

Our experienced plumbing team uses top-of-the-line tools and parts in all of our installations, which is just one the reason why we now pride ourselves to be one of the first choices for all plumbing services plumbing emergencies in overbrook for our Pennsylvania homeowners.


  • Sewer cleaning in Overbrook 15227 
  • Drain cleaning in Overbrook 15227 
  • Frozen pipe thawing in Overbrook 15227 
  • Leaks and water damage in Overbrook 15227 
  • High-pressure water jetting in Overbrook 15227 
  • Plumbing fixtures installation in Overbrook 15227 
  • Toilet, shower, sink, and tub replacement in Overbrook 15227 
  • Bathroom remodeling in Overbrook 15227 
  • Kitchen remodeling in Overbrook 15227 
  • Sump pump replacement in Overbrook 15227 
  • Sewage pump repairs and installs in Overbrook 15227 
  • Saniflo toilets install and repairs in Overbrook 15227 
  • Water heaters in Overbrook 15227 
  • Tankless water heaters in Overbrook 15227 
  • Gas line repairs in Overbrook 15227 

Call today for any service you might need; no job is too small or too large for our expert plumbing team servicing Overbrook, PA! We service residential homes in Overbrook but also offices, apartments, schools, colleges, or any other industrial and commercial establishment.